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I have fire in my gut.  An inferno that can’t be explained.  Every morning when I wake up, I know there are  human beings out there suffering.  It’s this driving force that gets me out of bed. I know that there are moms, dads, sisters, daughters, brothers,and sons,and I know that they are lost in life.  That they see no way out.  The blinders that once surrounded my face have been ripped off, because of my hard work  and because loved ones and even some complete and utter strangers, helped me see the way.  Those people that showed me the way are the real winners, they are the ones I owe my life to. 

 Knowing that people are out there every single second of every single day worrying about where they will get  their next fix, while  thinking up some sort of illegal plot to obtain poison, I can not rest.  How could I?  I know all too well how they feel deep down, how they don’t want to be that person.  They never expected to turn out that way. I for one have never heard a child declare that they want to be a drug addict when they grow up. No one wants this life, but all too often we just don’t have the will power or the knowledge or that nudge it takes to run like hell away from it.

  I feel like I was put on this new path to help the helpless. And  I can’t rest until we get numbers. Real numbers.  The more lives saved the  better, but  just one is good enough to me.  I want to provide help, not just talk about doing it. I want to instill hope. I just  can’t sit around and watch people destroy their lives like I did and not give this a try.  I want addicts to know that even if they have crumbled to the ground, and have nothing and no one, that even then, it’s not the end. There is still hope. The past is gone and the longer we all dwell on the past,  the longer it takes for us to move toward to something better and more meaningful. And it’s time to move forward with a fire lit under your ass. We all deserve to get what we  are worth every day.  Respect yourself even if no one else does and believe in yourself, because at the end of the day, you’re it. You are all you have. 

 I want you to see the light I see, because lemme tell you,  it’s brighter than the sun. 

    Lets get  the  message out. I can’t do this alone, but I promise that if I have to I will. To have someone surrender to help, will make it all worth while.  It will make every breath I have ever taken worth it.  If we can save someones life by using our words and human decency, shit, that’s real.  This is my dream.  I want to put my arm around the one who needs help, and have them feel the sun for the first time.  That’s what I’m about.

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