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Real can’t be faked. Say it with me again. Real. Can. Not. Be. Faked. It’s the vibe you give off when you are being raw, when you are being honest, when you are being REAL.  For instance, every day millions of patrons go to see a newly released movie and spend  their hard earned money to watch stories unfold dramatically all the while pretending that the story they are watching is real.  In fact, in the beginning of some movies, the words ”Based on a True Story”will appear on the screen and the entire audience, myself included, automatically feel that much more attached, to the film they are about to see.  We  pay extra attention, we feel more emotionally invested in each character and are automatically  lighter on harsh criticism.  Why, you may ask?  Well…

I believe that we  humans have our own bullshit flags in our back pocket, a lie detector, of sorts,  that we don’t even realize we possess.  It is truely remarkable what our minds are capable of when we filter out all of the bullshit and just be.  It is then, and ONLY then when we are truly able to sense REAL.

 This past weekend I had the PRIVELEDGE of going to a BBQ at My sister and Brother-in-laws home.  Which from now on will only be known as my brother.  While I was there, surrounded by awesome people, I had some great conversations.  One was with my cousin Alix’s boyfriend Dan.  Dan is a prestigious musician.  He plays the Bass in all types of music genres and in orchestras.  He’s friken’ played Carnegie Hall-enough said. More impressive however is how respectable he is as a man. His honesty, his passion for what he does and the way he loves my little cousin leave me with nothing but respect for him.  He is a REAL dude. 

 We sat together and had a brief conversation about being REAL. We talked about this here  blog, and I explained to him how I felt about where I wanted to go-and my hopes and aspirations for this, my latest endeavour.  I told him I didn’t plan on holding anything back, no matter how hard and emotional it might get, and that people may not agree with what I have done in my past, or the person I became, but as long as my message is REAL, that I have faith that people will be able to feel it.

I really do believe that being honest draws people in, it grabs attention.  With being REAL set as  my main and only  focus, hopefully I will be able to reach more people using this blog as my voice.  If it convinces just one person to walk into the Emergency Room and admit they want help and turn the cheek to suicide, it will be more than worth it.  If just one life can benefit, all of my hardship will have been worth every sleepless night that my family endured on my behalf.

Dan ate up what I was saying and put it into something he is an expert in.  He explained to me that some of the most amazing opera singers in the world can not sing certain songs about loss or heartbreak, that those who have never felt the anguish of loss or who has never felt the ache in your chest left by heartbreak, can’t convincingly pull it off.  The crowd can feel it, they know it’s not REAL.  He talked, I listened, and the more I listened, the more goosebumps I got.  It was exactly what I was saying, and the fact that he related it to something that quite honestly I have no interest in, was just the icing. It was evident, being true and real is something so tangible that any walk or creed can relate.

  I pledge to be REAL. Always.  I pledge to put everything I have and everything I am and everything I have learned this past year, into these posts.   So if you pick up what I am putting out, spread the word. Let’s save some lives.

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