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Go Get What You’re Worth

For the majority of my life I felt as though I was capable of doing great things.  Held myself to a certain standard.  Was intent on being someone special.  Well let’s just say that life wanted me to pay my dues first.  And when I did pay my dues, I realized that special is bull.  It’s false.  Special is judging you against another.  No one person is special.  We are all equal, but it is what we do with our actions that set us apart, that makes us unique.

Your imagination is an interesting thing.  I remember being 12, sitting in front of my mirror with my electric guitar lip-sinching to Weezer and pretending I was in a band in front of my schoolmates.  I was dreaming of being cool, being the center of attention, I wanted to feel “special.”  Did I ever learn to play the guitar? No I did not, my imagination let me go off to a magical land and be something I wasn’t, something I wanted to be but was too lazy to go learn to do and make it reality.

I have realized through trial and tribulation that thinking about it isn’t nearly enough.  All it actually does is disrupt the present moment.  What I’m saying is, when you have a goal that you want to reach, don’t be a 12-year-old boy with an electric guitar, get off your ass and make it happen! 

When in rehab I had the PRIVILEGE of meeting some of the most influential human beings.  These men were not what society deems as good men so to speak.  Majority had done hard time for criminal acts, have lived lives of self-destruction all due to their addictions.  But boy what an eye-opening experience it was to learn where my life was heading IF I didn’t end it prematurely.  

When I walked into rehab I wasn’t met with spa like service.  It was the FARTHEST thing from a spa.  haha  And it was in that building that my life would forever be changed…

My next blog post will be about my eye-opening discoveries about my life that I learned in rehab and the 2 most influential men I have ever met..  Till next time…   Get up, go get what your worth this moment.  Don’t wait a minute or an hour because time is not promised to anyone.

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